Taking On The Challenges Of Same-Sex Divorce

When a Supreme Court ruling legalized same-sex marriages, couples of similar gender had the right to marry. With those rights also comes the possibility of a same-sex marriage ending. The Law Offices of Elisa Maloff Reiter is an LGBT-friendly law firm that helps find resolution with complex legal issues that come with a marriage ending.

As with any marital dissolution, Elisa Maloff Reiter finds affordable ways to find resolution through cooperation and collaborative law instead of courtroom litigation.

An Experienced And Knowledgeable Same-Sex Divorce Attorney At Your Side

Custody cases as part of a same-sex divorce involve one parent who has a biological link to the child or children. These cases are highly emotional and often lead to litigation. While some spouses adopt the son or daughter, those who do not take that step lack a legal standing for custody. We strive to overcome challenges and aggressively pursue visitation agreements.

Property division also presents challenges when it comes to one spouse being an insurance beneficiary or having a right to a pension or retirement plan.

Family law matters involving same-sex married couples remain a work in progress. Mrs. Reiter understands that a "Wild West" environment requires a lawyer who stays on the cutting edge of new laws.

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