Protecting Your Business Interests During Divorce

When divorcing spouses owned a business or licensed professional practice during their marriage, legal complexities often class with emotionally-charged issues. Some choose to stay together, a more common solution than you would believe.

Even if they are no longer partners in life, they may remain partners in business. However, many cases involve buyouts, sales, and dissolution of the business while dissolving the marriage.

Personalized, Value-Added Legal Representation

At The Law Offices of Elisa Maloff Reiter, we understand that you want to keep as much money and assets with you. Mrs. Reiter will aggressively protect your rights to the property you are entitled do. However, she also recognizes that high legal fees only take away what you want to keep for yourself and your children.

On your behalf, divorce attorney Elisa Maloff Reiter will take on the challenges of complex property division involving business asset valuation of stock options, annuities, pension plans and other types of valuable property. She teams with forensic accountants to perform asset tracking. You are entitled to know your company's worth and the location of hidden monies — primarily cash — and other types of property.

Whether we facilitate the post-divorce continuation of a business partnership or put a buy-sell agreement in place, we strive to level the playing field. We help you move on to the next chapter of your personal and professional life.

Protecting Your Rights In Divorce Actions And Business Ownership

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