Skilled In The Complexities Of Divorce

Regardless of your age or the assets you own, the end of a marriage creates stress and uncertainty. The stakes are high when divorcing couples are also partners in a business or professional practice. Elderly couples seeking marital dissolution often require a higher level of representation, especially if one spouse suffers from dementia.

Divorces between business partners and couples have unique issues that require the level of personalized representation we provide at The Law Offices of Elisa Maloff Reiter.

Divorce Actions Involving Business Owners And Licensed Professionals

While a marriage ending does not mean a business partnership dissolving, most husbands and wives will find a way to end their professional association. If you are experiencing these complex issues, attorney Elisa Maloff Reiter will help you secure the money and assets you are entitled to.

Mrs. Reiter will team with forensic accountants to conduct asset tracking. The founder of our law firm will also partner with other professionals to ensure attention to every detail in complex property division and spousal and child support.

"Grey Divorces" For Texas Residents Over 50

Few expect that their "golden years" will include the end of their marriage. While not as common as divorces among other age groups, many elderly Dallas residents take that step. Mrs. Reiter believes that you are entitled to the lifestyle you have experienced for several decades. On your behalf, she provides cost-effective representation.

Marital dissolutions for those of advanced ages are complex and require a skilled divorce lawyer, especially when it involves spouses without all of their faculties and adult children who interfere in the process. Elisa Maloff Reiter will help you achieve a value added resolution, taking account the unique factors presented in your case.

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To continue business as usual, Mrs. Reiter has implemented alternative meeting methods including video conferencing, teleconferencing and electronic document signing. Mrs. Reiter charges for consultations.

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