A Focus On The Best Interests Of Your Children

At The Law Offices of Elisa Maloff Reiter, our founder navigates her clients through complex custody matters. Mrs. Reiter reviews all the issues from the child's perspective, specifically the important post-divorce relationship with their parents.

The founder of our firm is also a valued resource on this complex area of family law and has written several articles on the subject.

A Child Custody Attorney Who Focuses On Your Children's Best Interests

While our firm's focus is on the best interests of the children in custody matters, some parents do not share our philosophy. Many cases where children are not prioritized involve social study investigations and analysis of the family dynamic.

In-depth studies can identify the obstacles that prevent parents from being at their best and serve the best interests of their children, specifically drug and alcohol abuse. The stakes are particularly high when special needs children are involved.

A Lawyer Facing The Challenges Of Modifications And Relocation On Your Behalf

The one issue that leads to the most litigation involves modifications to existing agreements. Cases involving relocation of parents with their children to another state are particularly contentious. Issues go beyond a new relationship, job or school. Parents must prove to a judge that Dallas or other Texas counties no longer serve the best interests of their children.

Conversely, mothers or fathers seeking a move must argue successfully that extraordinary circumstances exist. The child's life would be enhanced emotionally, educationally and economically.

Whether Mrs. Reiter is pursuing or defending a move on your behalf, she looks at the effects of a parent essentially being left behind in a separate state. In many cases, Skype, FaceTime, email and other high-tech forms of communication are reviewed as possible options to make up for a parent's absence.

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